Civil infrastructure

Since our first civil engineering project in Hong Kong in the mid-1970s, Leighton Asia has been consistently recognised as a leader in delivering major infrastructure solutions across the region.

We have successfully designed, developed, constructed, operated and maintained many key civil engineering and infrastructure projects throughout Asia, including site preparation and land reclamation, railway systems, bridges, tunnels, power stations, airports as well as pipelines, roads and more.



Our railway system design and construction expertise allows us to undertake all aspects of rail and associated works, including laying ballasted, high-speed, floating slab and special tracks, building bridges, viaducts, tunnels, stations and maintenance facilities, track rehabilitation, traction power design, constructing overhead systems, signalling and communications installation and more. We own, operate and maintain modern track-related installation equipment that can be mobilised to project locations across Asia together with experienced and registered operators.




Whether it is a new expressway in Hong Kong or upgraded toll roads in the Philippines, Leighton Asia’s land transportation systems cover thousands of kilometres to connect communities across the region. With urban populations and car ownership on the rise in Asia, we understand the importance of delivering road transportation systems and facilities that enable people to travel efficiently, safely and reliably.



For all our clients' needs in site clearing and formation, excavation, land reclamation, paving and slope protection and more, we have the significant resources and expert skills required to develop innovative and practical site preparation and advance earthworks solutions.




From cost-effective cut-and-cover construction to precision drilling and blasting, sophisticated tunnel-boring machines and more, our tunnelling works are built on our extensive project planning, design and management knowledge and experience. Clients benefit from our comprehensive understanding of tunnel and underground construction, especially in dense urban environments, and our experience with in-tunnel works like track installations, electrical and mechanical works, cladding, portal construction and beyond.




From combined and open cycle power plants to clean coal technologies, Leighton Asia is at the forefront of many major energy projects in the region. Our capabilities cover a wide range of energy efficient power generation options while our reputation for reliability and safety is a key competitive advantage in an industry that demands exceptionally high and exacting standards.




Our proven ability to provide flexible and innovative infrastructure solutions to meet the demand for renewable resources aligns with growing environmental awareness and sustainable business practices across the globe. We focus on the development of industry-leading environmental infrastructure in the region, from sludge incineration facilities to wastewater treatment plants and more. As a key component of our civil and infrastructure practice, our environment business brings to the forefront the same extensive experience in design, building, operation and financing that our clients value and depend on.



Remote infrastructure

From camp facilities for thousands of workers to civil works and more, we specialise in developing solutions to overcome the unique challenge of delivering projects at remote sites with little or no existing infrastructure or transportation links. We can also transport dump trucks, excavators and other necessary heavy equipment to remote sites.





The varied and unique nature of marine-related engineering and infrastructure projects demands highly specialised skills, knowledge and qualifications to deliver results. Our marine engineering experience includes building offshore terminals and laying submarine pipelines, marine and harbour works, reclamation, constructing jetties, port facilities, cofferdams, breakwaters, river and harbour crossings as well as landfalls and beach crossings, installing seawater intakes and cooling water, effluent and sewage outfalls and more.


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