By adopting and advocating sustainable and innovative solutions, we help reduce capital and long-term operating and maintenance costs while ensuring projects are delivered to clients on time and within budget.

Our diverse portfolio of public and private sector projects encompasses commercial and residential developments, casinos and theme park attractions, schools, hospitals, museums, industrial facilities and more.



From state-of-the-art office blocks and retail spaces to environmentally aware green buildings, Leighton Asia is at the forefront of many major commercial building developments in the region. As a building partner, we adopt an inclusive approach that ensures we deliver sustainable solutions for a long-lasting future.


Building with the future in mind, we combine our dynamic capabilities, in-depth understanding of client needs and experience with diverse and innovative construction methods to develop visionary community solutions for both owners and tenants. Our competencies and resources enable clients to enjoy product differentiation and cost advantages in one of the most competitive industries in Asia.



Our tourism and recreational projects across Asia attract millions of visitors every year, from iconic theme park rides to luxury integrated resorts and more. We drive the success of each project by combining creativity, expertise and experience and are experts at realising the design needs of our clients and the expectations of today’s leisure traveller.



The unique environment of industrial and manufacturing facilities demands the technical and construction expertise we have and are most comfortable with. We work closely with our client and focus our efforts on understanding the project needs to develop cost-effective solutions that deliver the required performance, maintainability and more.




From brand new medical facilities to challenging expansions of occupied hospital buildings, we have the expertise and experience to meet the technical needs of the healthcare industry. Our solid track record in healthcare construction projects demonstrates our abilities an industry leader in developing state-of-the-art critical care facilities.


Government and educational

Our familiarity with the requirements of various government tenders allows us to deliver high-quality projects, from schools and embassies and more. The success of our government and educational projects is gained through many years of outstanding project performance and experience.


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