Supporting our Mission and Principles

The CIMIC Group Code of Conduct outlines the standards of behaviour required from all of our people, regardless of role or location, and provides a framework to guide our decisions and actions.

The code is supported by CIMIC's management, monitoring and reporting procedure, which outlines the process for reporting a concern about a possible breach of the code and contains the Whistleblower Protection Procedure confirming the protection of any employee who reports a genuinely held concern. 

We encourage our employees, subcontractors and partners to voice their concerns should they come across potentially unethical practices. People who speak up in good faith will be supported by the CIMIC Group for doing the right thing.

In some circumstances, people will prefer to speak to someone other than their manager about their ethical questions or concerns. The CIMIC Group Ethics Line provides another way for our employees, subcontractors and partners to raise issues and have them investigated, and to protect people's identities should they wish to remain anonymous.

The ethics line is an independent service operated by Stopline, Australia’s leading provider of disclosure management services. The Ethics Line can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week via the Stopline website.

It is staffed by highly trained consultants who are able to access a comprehensive interpreter service covering all the regions where we operate and languages our people speak.

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As a member of CIMIC Group, Leighton Asia respects the human rights of all our people and those we work alongside, in our supply chain and the communities in which we operate. 

We reject modern slavery practices such as debt bondage, child labour, forced labour and human trafficking which exploit vulnerable people. 

Our group approach in reducing the risk