India leadership

  • David Dunworth

    David Dunworth

    General Manager, India
    David is the General Manager for Leighton Asia’s India business. David has over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, negotiating, change management and contract execution.
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    He previously worked in various Project Manager / Director and Operations Manager roles in CPB Contractors since 2010, across several projects in Western Australia and the Northern Territory and was transferred to Leighton Asia’s India operations in March 2018.

  • Rajinder Lall

    Rajinder Lall

    Head of Business Development, India
    Rajinder is the Head of Business Development of Leighton Asia’s business in India. He has over 35 years of extensive and versatile construction experience.
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    Prior to joining Leighton Asia in 2010, Rajinder has held senior roles in design, construction and project management with major international contractors and project management consultants in the United Kingdom, Middle East and India.

  • Rashida Sultanali

    Rashida Sultanali

    Head of Human Resources, India
    Rashida is the Head of Human Resources for Leighton Asia’s India business. She has around 20 years of professional experience in Human Resources specialising in organisation behaviour and talent management.
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    Prior to joining Leighton Asia, Rashida has worked in sizable companies in India, USA, Vietnam, Singapore and Switzerland. She has extensive experience of working with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Rashida is committed to making a difference by spearheading human resources and organisational effectiveness.
  • Dibarka

    Dibakar Bhowmik

    Head of HSE, India
    Dibakar is the Head of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) of Leighton Asia’s business in India. With over 30 years of professional experience in working on major civil and building construction projects, he has a strong background in the field of construction safety management.
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    Dibakar joined Leighton Asia’s operation in India in 2005 and brings extensive experience in the development and delivery of HSE Strategies, both on major projects and at the business level. 
  • Dinesh Agrawal

    Dinesh Agrawal

    Head of Finance, India
    Appointed Head of Finance of Leighton Asia’s India business in 2020. Dinesh is a Chartered Accountant who has significant experience with our operation in India since 2013.
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    Dinesh has extensive finance experience in reporting, enterprise resource planning, internal controls and audit in global companies. Prior to working with Leighton Asia, Dinesh worked as Consultant in leading multinational consultant firms such as KPMG and Deloitte, specialising in due diligence and statutory audits.
  • Pradeep Pandya

    Pradeep Pandya

    Head of Legal, India
    Pradeep is the Senior Legal Counsel for Leighton Asia’s India business. Pradeep has over 17 years of in-house legal experience with a strong background in contractual, regulatory, dispute disciplines.
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    Pradeep has extensive legal experience working for clients and contractors with projects span India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. His advisory works extended across the oil and gas, mining, power, building and infrastructure sectors.
  • Santish

    Satish Rajadhyaksha

    Business Development Advisor, India
    Satish is the Business Development Advisor of Leighton Asia’s India business. He has held various senior management roles within our business in India since 2009.
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    Satish has over 40 years of experience in strategic planning, project execution, contract negotiations and leading business teams in various functions. Prior to joining Leighton Asia, he has held senior positions in major construction companies in India and overseas. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Law from the University of Mumbai, India.
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