Cultivating a more diverse and inclusive workplace

August 19, 2019

    With operations spanning Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Dubai, Leighton Asia has recently delivered various events to cultivate a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

    Say “no” to unconscious bias

    As part of CIMIC Group’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy, workshops dealing with unconscious bias have been conducted with managers across projects and offices in Hong Kong. Further workshops are being progressively rolled out in other regions throughout 2019, which will assist managers to make clearer business and better people decisions.

    Fostering a more inclusive workplace

    While diversity comes down to the mix of differences among people, inclusion is about deliberate efforts to welcome and integrate those differences, embracing equality and creating a sense of belonging.

    In India, inclusion is promoted through employee wellbeing activities. Key activities have included a talk delivered by a Physiotherapy and Wellness Expert, on Women’s Health and Wellness, and anti-sexual harassment training for potential members of Leighton Asia’s Internal Complaints Committee.

    Celebrating unity in diversity

    On 15 August 2019, India celebrated its diversity and multicultural nature on its 73rd Independence Day.

    While our teams in India embrace diversity to foster a more inclusive and progressive workplace, this year’s theme also called for a healthier lifestyle.

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