Growing our rising stars

April 07, 2017
  • Corporate

Going for the extra miles to nurture our people

To bring the best young talent on board, Leighton Asia’s recruitment team in Hong Kong has gone the extra mile to secure a sustainable pipeline of talent for our business.

On top of delivering annual career talks and promotions in various universities, and hiring through normal application procedures, the team has taken the opportunity to secure talent at an early stage through the Summer Internship Program.

Since 2015, high performers in the summer internship have been offered positions in the graduate trainee program upon graduation. This enables the team to identify potential talent at an early stage and stay ahead of the curve in a competitive market.

“With the knowledge and proven track record of their work performance during internship, we can be confident that our new hires will bring a positive contribution to the Group.”

My time as an intern is providing a glimpse of how my career might be in Leighton Asia. I joined the Group Graduate Program in September last year as a Graduate Trainee, and I am receiving training and support to better prepare me to be a professional equipped with skills as well as knowledge.

Hei Ki Lam 
Graduate Trainee

In view of the benefits and feedback, the team recently enhanced the Summer Internship Program with a focus on engagement. From 2016, the two-month internship program is now followed by a 12-month engagement program, allowing talent to take part in activities whilst they are completing their studies, such as site visits and activities, organised through the Young Professional Club (YPC) peer group.

YPC is a platform for young professionals to develop professionalism through different activities. Linking up our interns with YPC members and encouraging them to be actively involved in our talent attraction activities helps us to build constructive relationships with them and become their employer of choice over time.

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