Diversity & inclusion

Our inclusive culture values and sustains diversity. 


Our approach to diversity and inclusion aims to identify and embrace the diverse thinking that is reflected by our differences.Our differences come from our personality, communication styles, career paths, educational backgrounds, parental status, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, ethnicity and religion.


We recognise that:


  • Diverse and inclusive teams promote innovation, performance and productivity;
  • These advantages are strongest when our workforces reflect the diverse communities in which we work; and
  • These diverse communities provide a valuable source of talent.

We are focused on the diversity of our business in gender diversity and local participation internationally. We are also aware of the importance of age diversity to our business.


Gender diversity

Leighton Asia aims to increase and leverage the diversity that exists across the organisation. This includes increasing and retaining the number of women employed at all levels by seeking to overcome the challenges associated with the relatively small numbers of women entering the engineering trades and profession.


As we increase female representation across Leighton Asia, we are seeking to ensure that women are not over-represented in administrative and professional service roles, and under-represented in the trade, engineering and leadership roles that are core to our business.


Local participation

Our aim is to employ an international workforce that reflects that populations in which we operate and be an employer of choice in the regions in which we operate.


Age Diversity


Ensuring we have the right balance of age groups in our workforce is important to Leighton Asia. We need to retain the experience that mature age workers have gained from working in our industry and our organisations for long periods.


As well, we need to continually recruit younger talent that will allow succession planning and our ability to build leadership bench strength for the future.

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