Diversity & inclusion

Our inclusive culture values and sustains diversity. 


Our approach to diversity and inclusion aims to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and equally with a commitment to minimise and eliminate all forms of potential discrimination, harassment and bullying in the workplace.


We strive to offer a fair treatment to our people regardless of their region, marital status, disability, family responsibility, etc. We provide regular training on Equal Employment Opportunity, Discrimination, Bullying & Harassment to our people to help our people identify and deal with any form of bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace.


Building fairness and equality into the way we operate

We believe that together we can help foster communities and environments that are nurturing and inclusive, where all people are encouraged to learn, share and flourish, including:

  • A clearly stated mission and guiding principles.
  • A code of conduct that sets the standards and behaviours that we expect from our people.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and unconscious bias training to create a level playing field.

Gender diversity 


We are committed to providing career opportunities for women to help ensure our ongoing success and sustainable growth via the unique value that women bring to our company.

Our Women in Construction and Engineering (WOICE), an internal network was established to provide a dedicated forum for our people across regions to connect, share their thoughts and access support and guidance. 


Leighton Asia Women in Engineering and Construction


Further priorities include:

  • Career opportunities for women across disciplines, including engineering, graduates, project managers and more.
  • Our leaders as champions and sponsors of women.

Join WINTR (women in non-traditional roles), the CIMIC Group women’s network on LinkedIn, to join our conversation and explore how you can make a difference to women in the construction industry.


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