Leighton Asia organized Safety Leadership course in Indonesia

August 18, 2023

    Safety is at the heart of what we do at Leighton Asia.

    At Leighton Asia, we believe that safety leadership is a critical component in building and maintaining an effective organizational Health and Safety Culture. That’s why our leaders are required to be trained to fully understand our expectations and to maintain the highest levels of safety standards and to continually support and drive the message of safety.

    To help our new staff clearly understand our performance expectation so that they can operate effectively as Safety Leaders, our Safety, Health, Quality and Environment (SHEQ) Team recently organized a 1-day Safety Leadership course in Indonesia. The course augments the current e-learning module with various facilitated group exercises and case studies to encourage feedback and involvement of our teams.

    Every effort counts and we all have a critical role to play in the successful delivery of safety, regardless of our position or roles.

    Indonesia Safety

    Indonesia Safety

    Indonesia Safety

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