Connecting with Younger Generation

July 12, 2019
  • Graduate

Leighton Asia is committed to nurturing young talent for the future of the construction industry in a comprehensive and holistic manner.

From job tasting to mentoring programme, our teams have participated in a variety of initiatives to inspire and provide support to young talent to better plan their career and promote job interest in the construction industry.

In July 2019, Leighton Asia delivered a two-day job tasting programme for participants from three secondary schools in Hong Kong, as part of the Hong Kong SAR Government’s “Life Buddies” Mentoring Scheme.

The customised programme introduced the essence of the construction industry, including a real-life opportunity to experience the industry work environment, which provided students with a deeper understanding of their possible future careers.

Selected subject matter experts from Leighton Asia have also shared their career advice, work experiences and job interview skills to students.

Further to the two-day job tasting programme, Leighton Asia will also take part in the Scheme’s “Life Buddies” Mentoring Programme from September to July 2020 to design and conduct various career-focused mentoring activities for participating students.

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