Providing better health outcomes for women

junio 30, 2022
  • Diversity and inclusion

Menstrual health and hygiene are an important part of the wellbeing of women.

While most companies provide essential hygiene items such as toilet paper and hand soap in bathrooms, not many provide period care products, which are equally important to be accessible. 

A survey conducted by a female amenity product company found that about 80% of women they spoke to in Greater China have had a negative period-related experience at work. One in four women have suffered from physical discomfort and period symptoms, which could be avoided by switching to toxin-free period product alternatives.

Leighton Asia is one of few companies that have taken a step towards menstrual equity by making chemical-free and sustainable period care products accessible in washrooms across our Hong Kong offices and projects.

Led by Leighton Asia’s WOICE – Women in Construction and Engineering Group, this initiative also has a social impact on the local community, as the supplier we partner with will contribute a portion of the cost to provide healthy products and period education to those in need.

The provision is simple yet small changes like this can have a great impact. It helps contribute toward a more inclusive workplace and empowering women at large.

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