Creating collaborative and supportive working environments

junio 28, 2021
  • Salud y seguridad y medioambiente

Leighton Asia’s Hong Kong business has been commended as a ‘Mental Health Friendly Organisation’ and is a signatory of the ‘Mental Health Workplace Charter’, which has been jointly implemented by the Department of Health, the Labour Department and the Occupational Safety and Health Council.

The health and well-being of our people is of paramount importance, and we are fully committed to building collaborative and supportive working environments through the promotion of mental health awareness and well-being in the workplace.

Our measures include raising mental health awareness, actively listening and communicating, encouraging people to seek help if they are experiencing mental health issues and facilitating early identification of mental distress.

Some of the key initiatives implemented include:

  • Mental Health Awareness Training has been rolled out to raise people’s awareness and understanding on mental health issues.
  • Our workplaces in Hong Kong have arranged regular talks, training, and activities to provide tips and advice on mental health, general healthy lifestyle tips, stress management and workplace relationships.
  • The establishment of dedicated workplace hotlines and active follow-up processes for people who are in need of help.  
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