Our principles

Our principles form the foundation of our success.  They unite the many countries and cultures we operate in and distinguish us from our competitors.  Our principles are Integrity, Accountability, Innovation and Delivery.

  • Integrity: Respect and Honesty are very important, we must respect ourselves, our colleagues, our clients, our suppliers and shareholders
  • Accountability: We must each commit to what we are responsible for
  • Innovation: We always need to adapt, we will continue to evolve so that we will not need a major transformation in the future. This requires us to look at ourselves and be self-critical
  • Delivery: This drives our reputation and credibility. Without delivery, we have no business


Within the Principles framework, Safety underpins everything. It is fundamental to our business.


Our Code of Business Conduct reinforces our principles. It outlines the standards of ethical behaviour expected of all employees and gives us a clear framework for making decisions in all aspects of our work.