Oil & Gas

We offer our clients a full range of construction service in the sectors, both onshore and offshore oil & gas services. Our offshore experience includes platform installations, topside modifications and upgrade works, subsea pipelines (rigid & flexible), shore crossings, subsea structure and stabilization works.

We are recognised as a leader in construction and installation of Single Point Mooring (SPM) systems, having constructed and installed close to 20 SPM systems worldwide. We also have significant experience in laying large diameter offshore pipelines and complete shore approaches.
We have a range of specialised equipment for the construction, installation and maintenance of a variety of offshore pipelines, platforms and structures. All our vessels are self designed and built to optimally suit the markets in which we operate. All vessels are compliant to the latest international standards and codes including ISPS and use state of the art systems and technology.
Offshore equipment available includes:
  • Shallow water pipe-lay barges
  • Accommodation / crane barges
  • Transportation barges
  • Water jet powered aluminum crew and work boats
  • Various specialized offshore construction support equipment
  • A wide range of marine mooring equipment