Safety & health

Safety underpins everything we do 

We are fully committed to the continual improvement and enhancement of site safety management and eliminating and mitigating all critical health & safety-related risks.

Our strong focus on safety leadership at all levels of our organisation, and our strategic corporate safety campaign “Strive for LIFE” (Leighton Incident Free Environment) with all its supporting initiatives, is the vehicle we use to deliver the highest standard of health and safety performance possible, as well as to actively involve all parties in the development and sustainability of our ONE HSE Safety Culture.

We operate a comprehensive Health and Safety management system, which is fully compliant with all statutory requirements, ISO 45001:2018 international standards, specific contract requirements and our internal standards. We hold ourselves to the highest health and safety standards from design to tender and final project delivery.

Find out more on our Strive for L▪I▪F▪E programme

Leighton Asia’s Strive for LIFE strategic safety programme was born out of a bold vision to bring about a step-change and a cultural shift towards the elimination of Class 1 incidents across all of our operating regions.

LIFE stands for Leighton Incident Free Environment and is our ultimate objective. The programme officially kicked off in November 2009 in Hong Kong and Macau and was subsequently rolled out across Leighton Asia with a number of supporting key initiatives.

Some examples of these strategic initiatives are;


·       Strive for LIFE Safety Leadership Programme;

·       Strive for LIFE Advanced Safety Induction (ASIT) for workers;

·       Frontline “appreciation” courses for Electrical Safety, Scaffolding & Lifting Operations;

·       Strive for LIFE Safety Leadership Inspections for all senior management;

·       Our One HSE Cultural model;

·       Establishment of a set of “Class One Standards” (COPS) for all critical risk operations;

·       Element Champion Reviews of COP performance

·       Enhanced incident investigation and lessons learned process.

·       Defined Class 1 risk management processes;

·       Safety by design at Tender stage;

·       Enhanced management of our subcontractors and supply chain;

·       Critical parts inspection programme for Plant & Equipment;

·       Improved site welfare facilities;

·       Enhanced communication and safety promotion.

Our Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate has decreased significantly since the rollout of the Strive for LIFE programme and our management of Critical Risks is amongst the best industry leaders. By embracing safety as a core value, we have actively built and sustained the “right” safety culture on Leighton Asia projects. 

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