As a leading construction provider, Leighton Asia is what it is today because of our people. The individual talents, hard work and commitment to excellence of each of our employees are the key to our success. We take pride in the performance of our people and reward their efforts by creating a fun, challenging and performance driven business culture. We believe in professional and personal growth and provide the necessary career development resources and tools to help our people develop the talents and skills to realise their full potential.
Guided and united by Our Principles, our motivated workforce operates as a cohesive team across Asia. We recognise that our foundation is built on our people, who undergo continuous training to develop technical expertise and further their leadership skills to deliver uncompromising quality and service.
Our people strategy, Growing with Leighton Asia, is a framework of five key focus areas of human resource initiatives that support our operations, reflect our growth as a business and map out how we want our people to grow with us. The five key focus areas are talent attraction, on-boarding and engagement, capability development, talent management and resource planning.