Giving waste a second life

February 14, 2023
  • Sustainability
Since early 2022, Leighton Asia’s JKT05 Data Centre project team in Jakarta, Indonesia has been working with small business enterprises in the local area to promote and take positive actions for environmental sustainability.

At the beginning of the project, the project team forms a partnership with the local community to reuse and recycle various waste on site.

A big thanks to Aulia Ramandha, Project Environmental Engineer who took the lead to organise local meetings and communicate with both the estate management and local leaders to harvest the benefits of this sustainable initiative.

Over the last year, the project has donated over 1250t of materials that was reused and recycled by the local community. This included reuse compostable organic waste at a local fish farm, make use of the concrete waste from spun piles to enhance the village roads, and adopt various timber and metal waste to improve the village facilities.

We are pleased to work closely with our local partners to give waste a second life, benefiting our environment and community.

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