Bringing out the best in our frontline leaders

August 14, 2018

    Providing continuous training and development opportunities

    Shortlisted frontline leaders in Leighton Asia are getting out of their offices and project sites to enhance their skills to manage, lead and coordinate teamwork in the Group’s Frontline Leadership Workshop.

    The Frontline Leadership Workshop is part of CIMIC’s ‘One’ Leadership program series designed to support our people across the business to reach new levels of performance.

    Further to the ‘One’ Leadership program for Leighton Asia’s senior leaders last year, the workshop focuses on the development of our frontline leaders based on our Group-wide leadership framework.

    The workshop provides practical tools and techniques for participants to develop the appropriate approach to engage, delegate, make better decisions and manage change within their team.

    Over 260 frontline leaders across Leighton Asia’s project in India attended the workshop and are currently developing action plans with their managers.

    In Hong Kong, around 250 participants are scheduled to take part from the end of June to early November 2018. The workshop will also be rolled out in Leighton Asia’s South-East Asia operations.

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